The Future Foods Institute is delighted to participate in Green Retail Forum Expo with its workshop entitled True Food: transparency "from farm to fork"

  schermata-2016-09-15-alle-16-47-32 The Green Retail Forum Expo is the first sustainable innovation showcase for the distribution and access to consumer goods! The Future Foods Institute is delighted to participate in this event with its workshop entitled True Food: transparency “from farm to fork” to be held from 2:30pm to 3:15pm at the Fabbrica de Vapore. To register for this event, follow this link. An overview of the workshop: Italian culture in food material evokes in consumers an idea of well-being and quality; this aspect is key to the success of many of the Made in Italy food excellences. However, often time trade associations denounce the invasion of anonymous food products that enter the market daily, often without the knowledge of consumers, convinced to be buying Italian products that are guaranteed. To give an idea of the importance of such an operation, we think of the phenomenon of Italian sounding products, that is the imitation of made in Italy products, represents a turnover of about 60 billion Euros worldwide, 22 billion in Europe and 296 million nationwide. The need to promote throughout the supply chain a quality policy, protecting certain agricultural products and/or foodstuffs in relation to their geographical origin, their methods of implementation and their specificity becomes more and more an important issue, not only for producers but also for all those startups and innovative companies that move in this direction. But how can this issue be decreased? How can technological innovations and new forms of communication effectively contribute? Transparent labels, to production control, to the web, each actor in the supply chain can help to ensure a clear traceability of products, in order to bring to bring “true food” to the table. This is what our workshop will focus on. During Green Retail Expo we will discuss with startuppers, innovators and experts on how to give substance to the need to make courageous choices in labeling, transparency and food safety. What to expect from the workshop? The workshop will be a round table conversation on the issues of transparency. An introduction will be planned that will include experiences provided by speakers and a dialogue with the other parties with the help of a moderator. The total duration of the workshop will be about one hour. Speakers Startuppers and innovators including I Love Italian Food, Vazapp, Italcheck and Viveat Why participate? We believe it can be a really good opportunity to talk about innovation, transparency and to network in a very special setting. Official event website: Click here for full event program.