Back to School: Summer in Sicily with Feat

For a student, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of settling in for a long, hot, lazy summer after months of hard work. Or is there? The Future Food Institute’s Summer School Mediterraneo might just take the cake for the best international adventure over this year’s summer break. The program will take place on the Sicilian coast in the city of Messina and provide three weeks of intensive and in-depth exploration of the Mediterranean food culture and history, with an eye toward innovation and entrepreneurship. Twenty students from over ten countries coming from all sectors of the food world will come together to explore the future of food in an innovative environment. And Feat will be there to track every move, literally! IMG-20160709-WA0004 Instead of slowing down for the summer, Feat has an eye toward community and education. Feat will use the opportunity to prototype new applications of FeatApp with the twenty students over the three-week program. Designed to encourage healthy habits and a more active lifestyle, Feat is using this food focused course as a way to bring together good food, physical activity and a greater sense of community. Each student will receive a digital wristband that tracks steps and sends data directly to a special Mediterranean version of FeatApp. The students will also be assigned teams, and asked to report in on data such as sleep, mood, and food. Over the course of the three weeks, teams and individuals will have the chance to win prizes and rewards by engaging in healthy habits. IMG_6554 Feat founder and CEO Chiara Cecchini sees the summer program as a microcosm of what’s to come for Feat. “Feat is constantly evolving. Over the last year we have prototyped in the corporate world and within school environments. Now we want to target a different age group but still in an educational setting. I want to see how Feat can make an impact not just for healthy lifestyles, but also for team building and shared experiences. I’m so excited to share the Feat experience at the Summer School.” Chiara will be present for the duration of the summer school, sharing her experience as a young woman entrepreneur and helping represent the Future Food Institute as one of their six Future Food Fellows. Feat will hit the beach for sure this summer, but not before we make waves under the Italian sun by bringing about lifestyle change through food, fun and physical activity. This article was also published on Feat’s Medium site