From Food Innovation Program to the Milan Fabbrica Del Vapore – Triennale with kitchen Tools

image-1Have you ever thought about making a pasta dish starting from its essence? Not just from scratch, but  actually savoring the experience of grinding the grains of wheat, then taking the still fragrant flour, experimenting with creating different forms and adding in natural aromas and flavors? Our very own Francesco Bombardi, Director of Officucina along with other innovators from Reggio Emilia have created an installation centered on this experience, now on display at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan during La Triennale

Here you will find Kitchentools where you can explore the boundless horizons of the DIY food culture and the ever-growing opportunities of digital manufacturing. The project is supported by Barilla and Marrone Custom Cooking and includes the collaborative efforts DQuid and Hestia Design Lab.

In addition, Andrea Bezzecchi from the family owned and operated vinegar company, Acetaia San Giacomo, will be showcasing as a preview to the Kitchen Tools exhibit , faceto, a kit for home production of vinegar with  a state of the art  acceleration and control system using sensors. This innovative blend of design and technology is a perfect example of what we here at the Food Innovation Program are cooking up each day.

Want to learn more about food, technology, design and innovation? Registration is now open for the second edition of the Food Innovation Program (in English), the Executive Program (in Italian). 

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