Calling all Food Hackers: Food Hackathon + Forum in San Francisco

The Future Food Institute is proud to be among the media partners supporting the highly anticipated Food Hackathon + Forum taking place this weekend, February 27 until March 1st in San Francisco. We couldn’t be happier to support our good friend Tim West (who is also the Global Ambassador of the Future Food Institute) and the rest of the Food Hackathon team who have all been working diligently to ensure that this weekend will be a memorable moment for everyone involved.

This worthwhile weekend-long event will bring some of the most inspiring leaders in the food and tech industry as well as scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss and come up with real solutions for real global food challenges. And the location couldn’t be more perfect to host just an event!

The Galvanize location in San Francisco, for those who are not familiar with it, is a massive venue that hosts a network of technology campuses that provides access to opportunities for growth through industry-focused education. It is a unique community is made up of entrepreneurs, students, industry partners, programming experts, data scientists and academics all working together, learning and sharing under one roof – making it the perfect place for food hackers to come together this weekend.

This weekend’s Food Hackathon + Forum will follow in the path of knowledge cross pollination with the chance for individuals to meet and merge ideas with an extraordinary mix of people.

Notable speakers that we look forward to hearing Carl Keen from UC Davis Nutrition Department; Rahmin Sarabi from Good Eggs; Bruce German from Foods For Health Institute; William Rosenzweig, Dean at The Food Business School; Matt Smith from Food for Good at PepsiCo and Allison Hagey PolicyLink. Also among these amazing individuals will be Rebecca Chesney from the Institute for the Future who will enlighten us on IFTF’s year-long exploration into the ways that emerging technologies and sciences are reshaping the global food web that led to the creation of the forecast map, Seeds of Disruption: How Technology is Remaking the Future of Food. Last but certainly not least, we cannot wait to be enchanted by the thought provoking words of Howard-Yana Shapiro from Mars who we know will deliver a very inspiring talk this weekend. Let’s not forget to mention the stellar line up of mentors!

Hackers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs will be side by side Noah Karesh from Feastly; Rob Trice from The Mixing Bowl; Andrea Magelli from You Can Group; Anita Eisenhauera from the Culinary Institute of America; Lawrence Williams, Founder of R.E.A.L. – United States Healthful Food Council; Dana Frasz from FoodShift; Tim Childs, Founder of Treasure8 and many more.

Bringing such a diverse and dynamic group together under one roof will be sure to get food hacking juices flowing. Presented in partnership with The Food Business School—the newly established center for executive and graduate education at the Culinary Institute of America — the Food Hackathon will focus on the call to action “Nutrition for All”, a fitting theme that will go hand in hand with the 2015 Expo Milan theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Adding to the excitement of the Food Hackathon + Forum is the chance to win an all expenses paid trip to, you guessed it, Expo Milan! Winners of the Food Hackathon will head to Expo to experience this global gathering of foodful minds and amazing people from all over the world all involved in the global challenge of feeding the planet the best way possible.

This weekend we will all be speaking the universal language of food and the Future Food Institute will be flying out to San Francisco all the way from Italy to join in on the food hacking fun!

Tickets are still available so make sure to get your today at