People – Planet – Prosperity

Seeds of future for the Mediterranean

Saturday, 22nd May

Castello dei Principi di Capano, Pollica (SA)

Future Food Institute, Comune di Pollica, and

Centro Studi Dieta Mediterranea “Angelo Vassallo”

together for the International Day of Biodiversity


La mediterraneità, come insieme di valori locali e altamente contestualizzati, ma universali, dell'identità mediterranea, salvaguarda il patrimonio biologico e culturale per sviluppare la resilienza per il futuro.

Mediterraneity is a concept that incorporates the scents, tastes, and aromas of the Mediterranean lifestyle, highlighting the synergies that have been created over 2,500 years of co-evolution between the environment and society. Time has selected the virtuous relationships best adapted to the local territory, knowing how to enhance every drop of rain, every breath of iodized wind.

Contextualized traditional cultural practices have survived over time and have adapted to change thanks to the close relationships that bind them to the territory to which they belong.

In a fluid and dynamic equilibrium that has overcome the erosion of time, bringing back to light these relationships is a burden, with the objective of preserving the environment and culture for a renewed awareness that can lay the foundations for a sustainable and resilient future.

The Program

10.30 AM

Castello dei Principi di Capano, Pollica (SA)

Speakers will convene from Castello di Pollica and the Center of Studies of the Mediterranean Diet (Centro di Studi della Dieta Mediterranea), broadcasting the event live online. The discussion will focus on the three areas of critical importance for humanity and the planet, as defined in the framework of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the three P’s: People, recalling the concept of a hyperconnected Humana Communitas, for the integral good of humanity; Planet, the fundamental pillar that must be valued and brought to the center of the dialogue for sustainable development; Prosperity, the synergistic power created by the continuous relationship between humanity and the Earth and between nature and culture.

10.30 AM – Opening Stefano Pisani, Sindaco del Comune di Pollica. Sara Roversi, Presidente del Future Food Institute

Maurizio Martina* , FAO Assistant Director-General/Special Adviser


Stefano Patuanelli, Ministro delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali [IN STREAMING]

10.45 AM – People: Mediterranean identity

A variety of cultures have intertwined throughout history, shaping the various societies that have dug furrows in the sand, sailed uncharted seas, and built skyscrapers. The pride of being children of cultural intersections, never perfect but infinitely rich.

  • Benedetto Zacchiroli – President, International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR)
  • Elisabetta Moro – MedEat Research, Suor Orsola Benincasa University

11.15 AM – Planet: the wisdom of nature

An abundance of genetic heritage and plant and animal varieties sustain ecosystems, making them resilient towards external pressures. Preserving variety means safeguarding solutions to potential future problems.

  • Claudia Laricchia, Future Food institute
  • Francesco Loreto, Science Center – Città della Scienza. Biodiversity and bioresources
  • Michele Bonomo, Legambiente
  • Carmelo Troccoli, Coldiretti
  • Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) – Consumption, Production and Conservation

12.30 PM – Prosperity: Mediterranean synergies for sustainable development

The synergistic relationship between humanity and nature, genetic and cultural diversity, is able to adapt to changes, learning while becoming and preserving its identity.

  • Sara Roversi, Future Food Institute
  • Andrea Bariselli, Founder Strobilo, Chief Scientist Thalea
  • Valerio Calabrese, Museum of the Mediterranean Diet

1.00 PM: Ending

  • Felice Casucci, Campania Region Assessor for Tourism

1.30 PM: Biodiversity convivium

Mediterraneity as poetry in its sense of Poíesis, or creating. It is the creation of relationships around the same table, or commensality, the most ancient social practice of eating together.

The encounter between the wisdom of hands and the creativity of innovation. A poetic moment, where the inspirations of the morning converge and find shape in the dish.

The Mediterranean commensality, to taste the relationships of the territory around the same table.

The ladies of the Mediterranean Diet and the Food Alchemist team meet in the kitchen, the focal point for dialogue and cultural inclusion, to enliven the Convivium and stimulate conversation about how cuisine can be an integral part of the fight to preserve biodiversity.

2.30 PM: Presentation of the project “Trame Mediterranee”

The experimental and comprehensive work-study project, dedicated to the students of the Agricultural and Hotel High Schools, will take place this summer in Pollica. The practical realization of the concept of “Paideia,” continuous training in partnership with the surrounding environment.

In line with the three phases of the training process at the Future Food Institute – Inspiration, Aspiration, Action – students will be involved in an intensive experience among the Archaeological Parks of the area and the Cilento National Park, surrounded by an abundance of biodiversity and knowledge. During the two weeks, they will engage in experimentation and research, each day, with the production and transformation of some icons of the Mediterranean tradition, discovering ancient crafts and handed-down legacies, the true foundations of innovation, to build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

While exploring, they will become active ambassadors of the Mediterranean Diet.

3.00 PM: Presentation of the Mediterranean Mind Lab

By Doc. Andrea Bariselli

The things we choose to ignore are the ones that determine what we will be. Today more than ever, taking care of the planet is the only option left, and the use of the most advanced techniques of applied neuroscience offers a privileged scenario of understanding. Recovering the ancient bond between human beings and the “earth,” thanks to technological innovation, is a challenge that finds its highest expression in the Mediterranean Mind Lab. Here, as a result of a series of environmental measurements, mental and emotional processes, we will be able to create highly predictive correlations to provide this valuable data to those who today must make crucial decisions for the future of this country.

4.30 PM

Velia Archeological Park

A journey between archaeology and agronomy, bites of history and seeds of biodiversity

  • By Prof Marino Niola  – MedEat Research, Suor Orsola Benincasa University

A very inspirational moment that will involve the younger generations of the territory to discover biodiversity in the Archaeological Area of Velia, the polis of Magna Graecia, and the home of Parmenides, Melissus, and Zeno.

Guided by an archaeologist and an agronomist, discovering the tangible but often hidden heritage that humanity and nature has passed down to our time.