We’ve all been there: after a night out with friends we feel the effects on our bodies after one too many drinks or a little bit too much to eat. These slight indulgences make a big difference in the way we feel the next day. There are countless startups that deal with this problem, looking to launch products on the market that taste good but are also healthy and promote digestion. In Canada, the United States and the UK, the latest trend among these is undoubtedly Kombucha, a fermented tea-based drink that originates in China.
The compound is derived from the symbiotic process between yeast and bacteria: as fermentation begins, yeast turns the sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol. The remaining microorganisms transform the remaining liquid into cellulose, a substance that allows the growth of the kombucha itself by forming the gelatinous mass which then becomes the starter for a fermented beverage. Kombucha is thus the result of a fermentation process that produces a refreshing, effervescent beverage with a very low alcohol content…
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