For a while now, new technologies have been influencing agricultural production. In Italy, business ventures related to food and technology have generated nearly 13.5 billion euro, in large part related to food startups that offer consumers new apps, services and technologies, known as “the internet of food”.Enormous steps have been taken in viniculture and oenology: innovative technologies have increased production, with other ventures aimed at consumers, who have become ever more knowledgeable about farming methods and the wine’s origins and thus much more discerning in their preferences.
The use of ‘smart farms’ in wine production, which employ agro-food technologies to optimize the yield and productivity of farmland using modern and eco-friendly tools, is an interesting example of the current trend towards technology to produce a higher quality crop. Vineyards are outfitted with sensors in various positions according to the planting grid. By collecting data on soil and plants, micro-organism based diseases such as downy mildew can be eradicated, thus saving grape and wine harvests that might have previously been destroyed. The farms can be monitored remotely, thanks to their integration into ‘the internet of things’, TracoVino, developed by MYOMEGA System Technologies in collaboration with EricssonTelenor ConnexionIntel and wine producers, is one such system. The application is a great ally for “smart” wine growers, as it provides important information about soil, climate, and plant status. MYOMEGA is also equipped to collect and analyze data from connected vineyards and create oenological databases from the results. This information in turn helps to advise manufacturers about the best solutions for their own production, thus helping to expand the network and knowledge base even further…
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