Digital transition, ethics by design

the necessary condition to be proper drivers of change

At the Raisina Dialogue, the ongoing geopolitical forum in New Delhi, India, at the G20, now in its eighth year, 250 decision-makers worldwide are debating the direction humanity will take to emerge from the perfect storms of the present. One of the tools unequivocally helping to steer the compass of this trajectory is innovation, with particular reference to digital and artificial intelligence, which in recent times has come within everyone’s reach with the entry of Chat GPT into our lives.

The event, organized by India’s Ministry of External Affairs and the Observer Research Foundation, brought out the urgency of accelerating the digital transition in every sphere by presenting the research “Micro Matters: Using Data for Development in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which highlights that emerging technologies, such as AI, need to be optimized for large-scale deployment in essential areas such as health or agriculture. Data privacy and security must be ensured to build trust. Scalability and replicability are critical and alternative solutions must be offered where connectivity and access are challenging. It is necessary to work collaboratively and take a multi-stakeholder approach. These lessons emphasize the importance of leveraging technology, partnerships, and data-driven information to drive social regeneration and improve the lives of citizens.

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