Ingredients for change: Recipe for food innovation

Waiting for the first Food is a Conversation of the year our Tarek, in collaboration with our new team member Caroline, have created this article, a perfect introduction to this amazing initiative. And here we are, check this out:
Rather than spending time trying to find a widely accepted definition for food innovation, I would rather discuss why innovation in the food sector is more of a necessity than a luxury.  But before that, I want to give some background about how we got to know Food Innovation as an emerging paradigm. In 2015, I joined a second level master degree at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the structure of which was based on a forecasting map developed by the institute for the future. The “Seeds of disruption” map focused on novel ideas that challenged the core strategies of Eating, production, distribution, manufacturing and shopping in the food sector. With the assumption that the “Future is happening now”, the map was developed through a careful analysis signals of what is already taking place in the food scene, and insights from the trends that are here to stay.
Why do we need recipe for food innovation ?
“The power of recipes is the power to combine ingredients in novel ways, using perhaps unexpected methods to catalyze equally unexpected culinary experiences.”
IFTF created a new map, one that does not only focus on the novel ideas, but allow the user a better appreciation of the people who came up with these ideas, and their motivations. It might sound too ambitious to assume that a creative, mostly spontaneous feat such as innovation can happen through a recipe. The ingredients that were picked carefully, included new capacities, tools, and platforms to reinvent food experiences. Catalysts that leverage the ingredients to accelerate and amplify transformation are also an important part of each recipe that was included in the new map, offering one stunning example after another of new scenarios and experiences around food. The publication which can be downloaded from the IFTF website contains also a workbook, encouraging users to create their own recipes for innovation.
Aside from that, it let people more easier to know where do they need to start to make a food innovation
Who can do it?
Anyone! Even you can do it too ! As long as you want to make a changes ( of course , to the positive way 😉  so that the food that we consume can be more better quality and traceable where its come from.
How to do that?
You can start by being “sensitive” to what happened in our environment. Especially about the food industry, and try to find a solution to it. With lots of access now to Internet, you can gather so many information in hope that you  will get an inspiration. Increasing your connection in people within food world also important, that’s why try to come to  event that related to food world and food innovation.  Like, this event that will be held this Thursday at Scuderia.
When is that event will be?
It will be at Scuderia Future Food Cool Lab at Piazza G. Verdi 2 on Thursday 18th of January. From 18.30 to 20.30. Tickets are available QUI
See you there!

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