More than 100,000 visitors to the Maker Faire were treated to cutting edge experiments that the young talents brought from around the world. One year after from farm to fork, as the hall was named, we decided to catch up with some Food Makers to relive some of the highlights of last year as well as to learn about what they’re up to now. 4 young people, 4 disruptive projects presented in 2 different articles and an enormous desire to innovate: we couldn’t wait to see them again!

  • Mattia Nenetti, founder of Wenda

Mattia Nenetti is the founder of Wenda, a startup that works on developing innovative solutions to the global wine market. By employing the Internet of Things to devise programs that are customizable to actors throughout the production chain, the company produces packages comprised of a device, an app and a platform, all of which can be tailored to a client’s needs.
Q. Hi Mattia, nice to meet you here! How would you describe your experience at Maker Faire Rome 2016?
A. Hi everybody, I’m so glad to share with you my experience! Maker Faire Rome is a real way to get your hands on innovation, and I mean that literally! Fellow makers combine their passion for the digital world with physical products. It’s not really that surprising that the Maker Faire is known as the world’s biggest ‘show and tell’!
Q. Great! How did the Maker Faire Rome benefit your project?
A. It was incredibly useful for us: it was there that we connected with a company who later became our partners. This has allowed us to change our offerings considerably in the past year.
Q. How has your project evolved, one year after the Maker Faire Rome?
A. As I mentioned, the most important change is that we are able to offer a much more diverse catalogue of products and services. We have begun to work on Unique, a device that attaches to the neck of a wine bottle and informs the user of the integrity of their wine by certifying the origin and provenance of each bottle. This goes a long way to helping fight counterfeiting and it also helps to monitor the wine itself so that it remains suitable for drinking. Unique is an ideal solution for fine wine consumers, whether they are collectors or investors. We’re very close to concluding an agreement with the Isola di Giglio winery over a bottle of wine valued at 10.000€. We’re also in the development stage of Jodyn, a logistical device that will be incredibly useful in the production chain. Starting from cases of 6 or 12 bottles and going all the way up to pallets and containers, Jodyn monitors all of the conditions for optimal wine storage and accurately traces the delivery of the cargo from start to finish. This product is not only useful for wine, but can also be used in fruit and vegetable transport and logistics. The progress we’ve made in the course of a year is really remarkable!
Read the complete article on the official website of Maker Faire Rome following QUESTO LINK and don’t forget to choose your call QUI. Live Maker Faire as a real innovator!

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