13 must-see at Food Matters Live!

fml-cover Navigate the foodies wonderland with ease thanks to Future Food picks and videos of the must-see projects and presentations at this year’s Food Matters Live, hosted by the ExCeL, London London, 11/24/16 – Last day together from the overwhelming Food Matters Live 2016! Food Matters Live is an annual event which tackles one of the most important challenges of our time: the relationship between food, health and nutrition. Three inspiring days, over 600 exhibitors, conferences and seminars involving global food leaders. A real discovery marathon for the Future Food Institute Team.   And after these first two days of exhibition here you find our favourites from UK’s only cross-sector event bringing together the food and drink industry, retailers, foodservice providers, government and those working in nutrition, to enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future. Let’s Start! 1) Willow: A unique dining experience, specially crafted with nutritional expertise, thought & care to promote naturally enriched living. Click qui to see our interview! 2) One Hop Kitchen:  It’s the World’s first, best, & only, insect based bolognese. Each jar of our sauce saves over 1900L of water and tastes delicious!Come try for yourself. Click qui to see our interview!

3) Osius Bone Broth: There is nothing new about bone broth. On the contrary, it is as old as the hills. Osius bone broth is an organic free-range chicken & organic pasture-fed beef bonebroth.

Click qui to see our interview!

4) Jimini’s: Delicious edible insects & protein bars made with cricket flour. Click qui to see our interview! 5) Gustonero: What about a different way to thing about pasta? Gustonero is the original black jasmine rice pasta! Click qui to see our interview! 6 )Holland Food Valley: The Holland Food Valley Pavilion is an initiative of and organized by Food Valley NL. Food Valley NL helps companies identify relevant sources of knowledge, support and partnership Click qui to see our interview! 7) Drink Maple: Refreshing, hydrating and naturally nutritious water, with a subtle hint of maple and directly extracted from trees. Click qui to see our interview! 7) Pepperron: A condiment atomizer with a seasoning mist that adds a memorably delicious dimension to a wide range of foods, improving taste perception instead of covering it. 8) Limpopo Biltong: The best representation of true South African dried Biltong meat in the UK. The Biltong is not dry and chewy but more succulent and tasteful thank to their unique drying process! 9) Yumpa Bar: It’s a delicious range of energy bars with protein-packed cricket flour, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and other natural treats to pack a big flavour punch. Click qui to see our interview! 10) Quinoa Italia: This amazing Italian project aims to introduce and broaden the area of cultivation and processing of quinoa in the Marche Region, by creating a highly innovative production chain that is sustainable from an environmental, social and economic viewpoint, in order to meet the growing demand for healthy and nutritious foods. Click qui to see our interview! 11) Von Koolen: Have you ever seen a burger made only with mushrooms? This is one of the tasty dishes of Van Koolen! Click qui to see our interview! 12) Oomi Noodles:  Oomi can be used like regular noodles but they’re tastier and packed full of nutritious protein. Click qui to see our interview! 13) Mighty bee: A London-based Superfoods Network tasked with the mighty mission of bringing exotic, organic produce of the highest quality to the UK. Click qui to see our interview! What do think about our selection?  We’ve been trying our best to capture some of the most interesting concepts we have seen thus far but there is so much more to discover – so stay tune for further updates! Also don’t forget to join our founder Sara Roversi who will take part of “Tomorrow’s foods: what will consumers accept?”, Thursday 24th November (14:15 – 15:00) at the Conference theatre! Our booth is located at a the stand 575, stop by to come join us!