Youth4Climate call for solutions


Future Food Insitute is part of the Youth4Climate initiative, which is aimed to implement innovative approaches to drive climate action.
Youth4Climate: Powering Action is a global initiative, co-led by the Government of Italy and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and co-shaped with youth and other strategic partners, with a long-term strategic vision oriented to:

  • Build on the successes, lessons learned and recommendations from the 2021 Youth4Climate Manifesto adopted at the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition Summit in Milan, and convene a global Youth4Climate: Powering Action event in September 2022 in New York.
  • Boost youth-led and youth-inclusive climate action on the ground by strengthening the identification and support of concrete and innovative youth-led solutions and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem for youth at all levels.
  • Sustain meaningful and long-term engagement with and for youth, by making possible the generation and exchange of knowledge, opportunities, experiences, and resources in a new global virtual space.

The Youth4Climate challenge offers to young people, between 18 and 29 years old from all over the world, the opportunity to apply for an innovation challenge in four thematic areas, food and agriculture, energy, education and urban sustainability. From the financial perspective, the best proposals will receive up to 20,000 USD, but all the participants will have access to other important opportunities to realize their solutions, such as technical assistance and learning occasions.

To apply and find all the supporting documents and guidelines, please visit the Rome Centre website and register to Youth4Climate Platform to keep up to date with key resources, events, and peer-to-peer learning.