Bee-less Honey, Bambara Groundnut, Cell-Cultured Dairy, and Seaweed Pasta

Food, Climate and Innovation: three highlights of the week

  1. Honey without the Bees?
  2. Investing in Planet Friendly Spuds
  3. Cell-Cultured Dairy

PLUS: Climate Friendly products of the week:

1/ QOA – Cocoa-free chocolate

2/ WhatIF Foods – Future fit crops

3/ Blue Evolution

Did you know, Pollinators (most often honey bees) are responsible for one in every three bites of food we take, and increase our nation’s crop values each year by more than $15 billion?

Yet, honey bees have been in serious decline for more than three decades in the United States. According to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, in 2017, the United States had 2.88 million honey bee colonies, down 12% from the record high 3.28 million colonies in 2012.

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