Building awareness on Food Loss and Waste.

Just as the agri-food system is an entangled, multifaceted ecosystem, so too are the challenges and dysfunctions triggered by it.

Food loss and waste is, without any doubt, one of the most evident results of the paradoxes of the current paradigm, which is unable to value an essential resource for survival and to correctly manage its conservation and distribution.

It is widely known now that globally one-third of food produced is then wasted. Actually, according to more updated data provided by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), over 40% of fresh produce goes to waste, with high probability that the real numbers are even more troubling

In a world increasingly poor in natural resources, increasingly tested by the depletion of soil and biodiversity, increasingly damaged by excessive and anthropogenic greenhouse gases, victim of severe economic crises, and especially witnessing radical polarization between access and scarcity of food, we can not afford to waste or lose food in the fields.

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