Future Food Institute Wins Award for Most Innovative New Program-Study Abroad

The Future Food Institute was recognized with the prestigious Most Innovative New Program – Study Abroad Award at the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo on Thursday, June 3, 2021, for its outstanding Food and Climate Shapers Boot Camp – Digital Edition, developed in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Administration (FAO). Future Food won this award from among a competitive field of nominees, including four other international finalists. 

毎年、 GoAbroad, a US-based organization working to change lives through meaningful travel, presents awards for innovation and creativity in international education. The award winners are selected among dozens of nominees and highlight exceptional initiatives that are positively impacting people around the world through international education. (View award presentation here).

“Showcasing the best in innovation, originality, creativity, and exceptional ideas in international education, the winners are selected by a prestigious and selective group of international educators known as the GoAbroad Innovations Academy.” GoAbroad Innovation Awards

Future Food Institute won this coveted award for their groundbreaking professional training program addressing sustainability in global food systems. Originally developed as an in-person experience delivered at inspiring locations around the world, Future Food pivoted the entire program into an intergenerational, highly interactive, challenge-based virtual experience drawing more than 100 participants from nearly 50 countries. Built upon an experiential learning platform comprising masterclasses, local missions, mentoring sessions, virtual “climate suppers,” and a culminating Hackathon, this innovative program celebrates local food heroes while equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable food system actions in their communities. The digital platform enables the program to build a bridge between local, real-life experiences and the global community.

“Education is a powerful tool that has enabled humanity to accomplish feats that, at one time, seemed impossible. Today, we need to draw upon our creativity and ingenuity to direct the force of education towards building peace and advancing sustainable development. These challenges cannot wait for the pandemic to end, so we engineered a digital solution to continue the important work of training the next generation of sustainable food leaders remotely while maintaining the interaction and cross-pollination of ideas that make this program so impactful. At the Future Food Institute, we value and celebrate the process of turning creative concepts into opportunities. 

I want to thank our partner, FAO, and in particular Cristina Petracchi, the Leader of FAO elearning Academy, and her outstanding team; Claudia Laricchia, Leader of the Future Food For Climate Change Initiative. We could not have achieved this without Sonia Massari, Director of the Future Food Academy, Julia Dalmadi, the Program Coordinator for the Food and Climate Shapers Digital Boot Camp, Franecsca Massoni, and the supporting team Lauren Greco, Gyanavel Ravindranath, and Ruba Hajj Ahmad.

We are so grateful to all our instructors, speakers, hosts, mentors, and amazing partners who have enabled us to continue delivering this valuable program. We are honored to be recognized with this innovation award.” – Sara Roversi, Founder & President, Future Food Institute

“Before COVID19, traveling the world as a university student was an incredible opportunity, whether it was for a week, a semester, or a full year. Students, researchers, and professors go abroad to immerse themselves in a new culture. However, the virus forced everyone to slow down and re-think, re-imagine, and reset international education. But not all the food studies abroad programs stopped: the trans-national, trans-disciplinary, and trans-generational approach of our Food and Climate Shapers Boot Camp has been enriched through the digital and global FFI network. They represent a new way of teaching and learning abroad and support intentional co-creation between different partners. Engagement,  empowerment, agency, and a diverse pool of competencies and cultures are the key ingredients for a future change of the food and sustainability studies abroad curricula (both online and in-country).” – Sonia Massari, Academic Director, Future Food Institute.

The Food And Climate Shapers Boot Camp will also be presented during the G20 EDUCATION side event in Catania, Sicily at Isola – Palazzo Biscari on the 22nd of June. 

The next iteration of the Digital Boot Camp will begin on June 25, 2021.

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About Future Food Institute:

The Future Food Institute believes climate change is at the end of your fork. By harnessing the power of our global ecosystem of partners, innovators, researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs, FFI aims to sustainably improve life on Earth through the transformation of global food systems. 

By training the next generation of changemakers, empowering communities, and engaging government and industry in actionable innovation, we catalyze progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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