Training and empowering a new breed of food innovation and sustainability change-makers.


The Future Food Academy is a training platform aimed at creating new models, challenging mindsets, and developing skills. 
Through research projects, innovation challenges, and life-changing learning experiences, mixing theoretical and practical approaches, in-person and digital connections, it is possible to spread the the power of food sustainability.
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learning approach

We empower youth, feeders, and leaders to make exponential positive change to sustainably improve life on Earth through experiential learning and prosperity-driven innovation in global food systems. 

With both virtual and in-person modalities, Future Food connects participants with global innovators, activists, experts, and policymakers to explore food system challenges and actualize solutions. 

Three Phase method

Future Food’s training process centers around a three-phase learning method. 

Inspiration: combines learning and innovation to get a view of the future, through the eyes of big visionaries and experts.

Aspiration: unlocks people’s potential by realizing their ideas at the side of the doers.

Action: converts ideas into action and makes a transformation within people’s communities.

academic & training programs

Knowledge is a central tool to empower people, feed inspiration, strengthen cross-pollination, and regenerate life on Earth. Future Food offers a variety of academic and professional training options supporting purpose-driven individuals from students through to industry leaders.

future food academy experience

"Although I have been working on environmental issues for 40 years, it was not until I participated in the FF & FAO Boot Camp that I was able to clearly see how to apply my knowledge to practical activities to make my community understand that food is a problem as well as a solution to the climate crisis."
Amanda Niode
Manager, Climate Reality Project, Indonesia
"The most amazing part of this learning journey was Prosperity Thinking. I had always felt like I was doing my best with sustainability and food, whether zero waste or biodiversity, but now I feel so greatly enabled to take even more action in my community, local and global, whilst building resilience."
Radhika Khandelal
Executive Chef, Radish Hospitality, India
"Participating in the Boot Camp increased my knowledge on many aspects and about topics I had not previously encountered. I can say that I learned how to apply, in real life, what we covered during the sessions. I'm also grateful to have developed new friendships with the other participants."
Sarah Badran
Food Science & Management Student, Lebanon

prosperity thinking

Prosperity thinking is an approach that aims to enable the design of a better food system starting from a shared inclusive idea of prosperity that encompasses not only economical growth but also social and environmental well-being.

It aspires to be an evolution of Design Thinking going beyond user-centered design to human and planet-centered growth.


The FAO elearning Academy provides jointly developed learning opportunities and multilingual elearning courses for professionals working across the food, economic development, and sustainability sectors with the overall goal of strengthening the capacity of member countries to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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