Maker Faire Rome, we are back! Ready to discover MAKEit with EIT FOOD?


Future Food Institute returns to Maker Faire Rome, the largest Show & Tell in Europe! The unprecedented situation of 2020 has prompted us to rethink business models and lifestyles to such an extent that even the food of the future will not be the same. This MAKEit initiative embodies the sustainable focus of the food revolution. The concept originated out of support from EIT Food as a pan-European partnership to create increasingly efficient, sustainable, and competitive production and distribution chains in the food world. The goal is to provide targeted and innovative solutions, connecting all the players in the supply chain into a single network of collaboration and innovation. And so, the MAKEathons were born. These co-creation marathons endeavor to create tangible solutions, with a strong entrepreneurial impact. Over the past two years, these events have been organized in 8 European countries (United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, Finland) and have generated 73 prototypes of innovation across diverse food sectors including: sugar, cocoa, fruit and vegetables, meat, and many others! Want to know more? Check THE COMPLETE ARTICLE on the official website of Maker Faire Rome and subscribe to our event following THIS LINK and to our booth following THIS LINK