Food Is A Conversation is back!

Food Is A Conversation is back!

We are excited to announce that our famous panel, “Food is a Conversation”, will be coming back this month with several exciting appointments promoted by Future Food Institute and Fondazione Fico in partnership with Legacoop Bologna, Impronta Etica and Vicoo. 

Our first topics will be on the reduction of food waste and on food safety and conservation. A special focus will be given to the Emilia Romagna region, one of the most important areas for food producers and exporters in Italy.

We will be providing a spotlight to this vibrant environment by introducing to the local community the cooperatives and startups that are working to develop the area with an increasingly sustainable mindset. 

Our first panel “Food is a Conversation: Circular Living” will focus on Zero Hunger, the second SDG promoted by the United Nations.

During this event we will invite 4 special guests to discuss and present the new resilient production processes and tangible projects that are transforming the food industry nationwide in an outstanding example of circular economy.  The main speakers will be:

  • Piero Ingrosso, Head of Communications at Legacoop Bologna, who will be presenting the results emerged from the call for ideas  #Think4Food on food recycling and environmental sustainability
  • Sara Teglia, project manager at Impronta Etica, an italian association devoted to promoting sustainable social development in Italy with which we partnered to launch our latest project #Waste2Value.
  • Francesco Ardito, founder of Lastminutesottocasa, an innovative app connecting consumers to food retailers in order to reduce wastage of expiring products.
  • Alberto Drusiani from SquisEat will be talking about their forward-thinking platform that delivers food that would be otherwise dismissed from restaurants or bars at a cheaper price.

Our first open conversation for the month will take place on October 17th.  You are all kindly invited to attend at Scuderia FF Urban Coolab from 7 pm to 9 pm.

In order to participate, get your free tickets on Eventbrite at this link: