Could we even imagine Mediterranean cuisine without olive oil? Long regarded as one of the healthiest in the world, the Mediterranean diet would not be the same without this crucial ingredient. While the cost of olive oil is slightly higher than other varieties, staples like salads, rice, stew, pasta and much more would lose their distinct flavors, aromas and tastes without it. Any purist will tell you that using corn or soybean oil in hummus, Greek salad, ratatouille or pesto would be a sacrilege! However, olive oil is a fragile ecosystem and depends on innovative solutions to develop new technologies that will sustain and continue growth along the entire production chain, both in food and cosmetic products. The latest knowledge and newest additions to the “FoodTech” field have helped to create the perfect opportunity for Olive Oil 4.0, a sweeping program designed to ensure the sustainability of the product, the industry, and the environment…
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