Our co-founder Sara Roversi will join the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance summit in China

“The G20 in China comprises a twofold challenge, with issues of global dimensions:
  1. To breathe new life into the world’s 20 major economies;
  2. To reinforce the G20’s role of creating a governance platform with long-term vision.
Such long-term vision would encompass an innovative growth plan integrating the digital economy. It would also include a better understanding of the causes and consequences of the current economic downturn and gloominess worldwide. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), high unemployment rates among young people directly result from recessions in Argentina, Brazil and Russia. Even in developed countries that are not experiencing recessions, young people are more susceptible to situations of unemployment, and experience more poverty than their elders. We therefore need to treat young people as the priority.” Dr Winston Chan on The Huffington Post. sara parla This is the context of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit in China, the event that our co-founder Sara Roversi will attend. The G20 YEA is a global network of approximately 500,000 young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. This gathering built upon a tradition of collaboration between the world’s young entrepreneurs that began in Italy at the 2009 G8 summit and continued at successive G20 YEA Summits in Canada, France, Mexico, Russia, Australia and Turkey. Each summit released detailed communiqués to engage the G20 Leaders and other bodies, deepening our shared understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship and presenting ideas to advance it. Want to know more? Read the complete article of Dr Winston Chan here.