SMAU and Food Tech Meetup: once again "innovation is a cooperative effort"


Research, innovation and opportunities was our mantra this week! On June 9th we kicked off the day in SMAU. We were there with Antonio Perdichizzi who handed out the award Innovation Prize award to UP-DAY Buoni Pasto. UP-DAY, which is currently ruling the food voucher market, stands out for its innovation-oriented attitude and it was a great honour for us to announce their partnership with Future Food. We then held a workshop presenting the Seeds of Disruption map, allowing the participants to explore the map designed by the Institute for the Future (Palo Alto, USA), discussing how technology is leading the path to a more sustainable future for food while remodelling our culture, environment and society. 6 The day did not end there! That same evening we held our third Food+Tech Meetup! We met in Parco del Cavaticcio to discuss food as an element of extra-web sharing, now that food communities are taking off in every corner of the globe. The location for the meetup wasn’t picked at random of course; from June 10-20, Bologna’s Cavaticcio Park is hosting the Biografilm Festival, the first international event entirely dedicated to biographical documentaries and life stories. This year the festival is focusing on the theme of digital communities. After our Sara Roversi introduced the event along with Danielle Gould, founder of Food+Tech Connect, five startups took turns up on stage presenting their ideas: Ucooki, Delizialy, Destinazione Umana, Foody and Cucine Popolari. It was an incredible day that proved once again how “innovation is a cooperative effort” and that together we can bring to life so many wonderful and inspiring ideas to create worthwhile impact on our local and global communities.