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5 day experiential learning program for students

Discover the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet through the valuable experience of the masters of the art of ‘Mediterranean Living’ experimental workshops from field to table. Learn how this lifestyle not only represents a model of sustainable development but also the true algorithm of longevity.

This is not just a boot camp, but an adventure through the ages, from the thought of Parmenides and the Eleatic School, through the revolutionary Salerno Medical School, to Ancel Keys’ discoveries on the Mediterranean Diet and the exploration of the Longevity Algorithm.
It is an educational project that goes beyond the traditional study of experimental sciences to explore how the integration of science, philosophy, and lifestyles can influence our health and wellbeing. Through workshops, discussions, immersive experiences, challenges, and hands-on activities, this boot camp offers a unique insight into how the past can illuminate the ways of the future.

The program focuses on the following themes


What will we eat in the future?

Nutrition and Traditional Diets

How to improve the lives of people and take care of the planet?


How to live to 100?


Meet students from all over Italy

Explore the beautiful region of Cilento

Work together to solve real world challenges

Learn tools to take care of people and the planet




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Frequently ASked Questions

The program is a full time, intensive program. Every day is full of activities from 9:00 am until dinner. We encourage participants to clear their calendars and be fully engaged in the program for the best experience. A detailed schedule is shared before the program begins as each program edition includes different activities. 

We accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer. If you are unable to use those payments methods please get in touch.

Scholarships are announced on a case by case basis. There is a discount for students of Cilento (SA). Please reach out for further information.

Please refer to the respective program page for the language in which the program is conducted. This program in particular is conducted in English and Italian, depending on the week.

Participants must have minimum proficiency in the program language to follow along and participate in discussions. 

We encourage students to arrive by train to Vallo della Lucania-Castelnuovo. Future Food Institute will greet students at the station and arrange transportation from the station to Pollica, and back.

Upon admission to the program, you will be contacted for information on your travel plans so that Future Food can assist you with your transportation arrangements.

Sessions are primarily held at the historic Princes Capano Castle, Via Matteo Mazziotti, 84068 Pollica SA, with visits to relevant locations in the area. 

Pollica is a small, walkable village that is easy to explore on foot.

Transportation to any visits or activities outside of the Paideia Campus will be provided and coordinated by Future Food. 

Students stay in assigned rooms with students of the same gender. There will be a Future Food staff member present to support students during their entire stay. 

We consider food an important part of the learning experience. All meals are provided during the program and planned to support your learning journey. Participants will have a hands on experience by preparing some meals during the program. 

Upon admission to the program, you will be asked about your dietary preferences, allergies and intolerances.

There is a small grocery store, pharmacy, restaurant, and bar in the town should you need anything else during your stay. However we encourage participants to bring anything they made need with them as options are limited in town. 

A packing list with recommended items to bring will be provided before your arrival. Get in touch if you have any specific questions.

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