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Become a Climate Shaper

This highly interactive, award-winning program is designed for multidisciplinary thinkers and doers who are motivated to take action in the real world to combat climate change and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The four-week part-time ‘hybrid’ learning program is filled with critical thinking exercises and live conversations with industry experts, in which continents, time zones, and age are not barriers and digital tools are the enablers of glocal community activation.

Earn university credits

Through our partnership with University of Nebraska- Lincoln, university students are able to earn 3 credits upon completing the Digital Boot Camp. In the application form, please state your interest in obtaining credits and a program manager will guide you through the process.

explore the food value chain

The hands-on experience is supported by a series of e-learning courses, made to transfer knowledge, skills, and competencies to strengthen the capacities of the food system professionals of today and tomorrow.

Participants will understand the interrelatedness of production and consumption, developing a sustainability mindset ready to address the greatest challenges of our era, evaluate problem-solving strategies, and design experience and science-based solutions.














The program begins by combining learning and innovation to get a view of the future, through the eyes of big visionaries and experts.

Participants will follow sessions within four regenerative thematic tracks – each filled with inspiring speakers and insights. Through these sessions, Climate Shapers learn to reverse the mental model to access true innovation. 

Through Future Food’s Prosperity Thinking approach, information begins with values, shifting from “me” to “we” to unlock long-lasting change. 

powerful conversations

Be empowered and inspired, uniting in a digital room with multidisciplinary leaders and thinkers using their voice to make the world a better place. 

Discover how you can positively impact food systems in your community and around the world in an innovative way, through advocacy, empathy, integrity,  food sovereignty, justice, humility, and creativity. 


Unlock potential by making ideas a reality alongside the most influential change-makers.

Local Discoveries
Local Heroes

Through local discoveries, Climate Shapers learn the importance of heroes, ordinary people capable of doing extraordinary things. It’s our responsibility to give voice to their stories, tell them to the world and share them so that they can be a source of inspiration for the community! 


Converting ideas into action and making positive transformational change in local communities. 

Climate Suppers

Climate Suppers are moments of connection during which powerful conversations and reflections on climate change, biodiversity protection, planet regeneration, taste, and culture preservation are shared around the virtual table. In this way, knowledge combines with experience to involve and empower all Climate Shapers, despite physical distance. Ultimately, it is in the kitchens where everyone of us can make a difference.


A virtual creativity sprint to 'hack' a challenge. With the objective of examining, innovating, and changing well-established paradigms in the way people think about and relate to food. Over the four-week Boot Camp, participants are equipped with the necessary models and tools of human and planet centered innovation to research, ideate, prototype, and deliver a solution to the provided challenges.


The Food and Climate Shaper Digital Boot Camp is a dynamic one-month, part-time learning program in English. 

Through live conversations with international experts, self-paced masterclasses, individual mentoring sessions, project work, design challenges, and the final hackathon, the program includes approximately 60 hours of content.

Participants applying for academic credits through the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will need to participate in a pre-session held in week 0. 

Tuition Fee

Regular Rate: 1,850.00 EUR
Corporate Rate: 2,500.00 EUR
Reduced Rate: 975.00 EUR  *for student, alumnus/a of FIP, FFI/FAO Boot Camp, FF/YTA, or applying as part of an NGO, a start-up, or a non-profit organization. 
Participants applying for academic credits provided by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will need to pay an additional 45 USD.
Scholarships are available to ensure inclusivity and diversity within the cohorts. The decision about ‘needs-based’ scholarships is decided during the selection process.
Special prices may be defined in the event of multiple Boot Camp attendance (digital + in-person). 
Full payment is required before program kick-off. Missing the payment deadline will automatically allocate the acceptance to another participant.

Application deadline

Application are accepted on a rolling basis.

Participants applying for academic credits provided by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln will receive additional information about visiting student enrollment (https://admissions.unl.edu/apply/#requirements/visiting) and the UNL Academic Calendar.



Fill in the form here to request additional information and updates on our Digital Boot Camps and a member of our team will be in touch.