The “European Plant-based Protein Awards” call for startups is open!

As meat consumption rises, its impact on the environment, human health, and animal welfare become of increasing concern.

This is the focus of our Food Shapers Future of Proteins book, that investigates protein source diversification as a potential measure to combat the negative effects associated with industrialized meat production and over-consumption. It also looks into the potential barriers to a pivot in preferred protein sources and how these barriers can potentially be overcome.

Just starting from its research on the future of proteins, Future Food Network is now promoting the “European Plant-based Protein Awards” call for startups by Le Village by CA North of France. The contest aims to involve innovative ideas and projects that are already based on the future of proteins and the plant-based proteins themes as well as other subjects with expertise in these matters. 

European Plant-based protein Awards for startups start from an assumption: relying mainly on the production of animal protein to meet an ever-increasing food demand is out of reach for our planet. It is, therefore, critical to strike a better balance between animal proteins and plant-based proteins in people’s diets all over the world. Innovation is essential to speed up the agri-food transition connected with the necessary human diet flexitarian transition: plant-based proteins will play a pivotal role to face today health, climate change, and biodiversity challenges. 

The European Plant-based protein Awards will highlight promising entrepreneurs who are breaking new ground in the field of plant-based proteins and help them to boost companies development with the support of the Village by the CA first-class innovation ecosystem.

The Awards winners will be selected on October 1st, and will be highlighted on October 2nd during a dedicated evening gathering Village by CA and its partners’ networks as well as the Plant-Based Foods Summit delegates.

The call for startups is open until September 3rd (midnight). Apply HERE!


SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2019 (MIDNIGHT): Application period ends

SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2019: Announcement of the preselected startups

SEPTEMBER 21ST, 2019: Preselected startups submit completed application package

SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2019: Announcement of finalists

OCTOBER 1ST, 2019: Finalists pitch before Village by CA Selection Committee

OCTOBER 2ND, 2019: Awards winners celebration at Village by CA Lille

OCTOBER 3RD, 2019: Awards Winners highlight and pitch during the Plant-Based Foods Summit

OCTOBER 4TH: Awards Winners highlight on the Plant-Based Foods Summit