In Scuderia it's time for a Food Revolution: Danny McCubbin is our next guest!

How transformative can it be to prepare food with mastery and skill? By now there is enough clarity that there is more to food than filling the stomach and maintaining the body in a good condition. The way food is so intricately enmeshed in human cultures around the world means that for some food is also a saving grace.  On Friday, Danny Mccubbin from the Jamie Oliver foundation will talk to us about how young people, with a history of drug abuse, managed to turn their lives around through food. Some people might be familiar with Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, a project that aims at rehabilitating vulnerable young people and training them to work in the restaurant industry. Acquiring skills such as the rigor and discipline is indeed transformative for vulnerable young people.
McCubbin has been working at the Jamie Oliver Foundation for the last fifteen years, and he also collaborates with San Patrignano Facility in Rimini where he helps Uk residents to get to San Patrignano. Danny McCubbin will tell us the story that got him to San Patrignano and introduces to us the concept of social gastronomy.
Join us on Friday at 7 pm, and as usual, there will be a special aperitivo from the Future Food Urban CooLab made in #shiliaobo.
Reserve your seat HERE and see you there!