creativity and culinary activism to unleash the power of food for integral ecological revolution

Tread the same path as the discoverers of the Mediterranean Diet, Ancel and Margaret Keys, as you breathe history, eat the past, and prepare for an integral ecological future.

The Mediterranean Diet is more than a list of ingredients. It is a lifestyle that reconnects humanity with the planet that hosts us, providing a model for a new type of sociality that is grounded in integral ecology. It gives us a wealth of scientific, cultural, traditional skills, and knowledge upon which we can build a more sustainable future. 

July 18th-21ST, 2023 Paideia Campus, POLLICA (SA), ITALY

Future Food Institute is proud to present an immersive boot camp focused on GASTRO-DIPLOMACY. This unique experience aims to explore the power of creativity and culinary activism in revolutionizing our food systems for integral ecological development. In particular, we recognize the crucial role of chefs and cooks as undercover agents of change who have the ability to shape our society through their culinary choices.




Investigate and reflect on sustainability issues, with a focus on regeneration at both the local and global levels, with sector experts including representatives from international agencies (FAO, European Union, PRIMA Foundation, GFAR, etc.), academia, chefs, and activists.



Observe the lifestyle and traditions of the Mediterranean Diet and listen to the story of the community of Pollica. You will participate in local discoveries to actively understand the village environment: meet with local beekeepers, fishermen, and dairy farmers leveraging technology to sustain these invaluable food traditions.



Transfer your knowledge into practice and become a climate shaper. At the end of the week you will take part in our two-day Hackathon to apply your ideas and solve real world problems with your team giving back solutions to the community hosting us!


Boot Camps aim to identify, train and engage cooks, chefs, f&b managers, and food tellers, who act as “Climate Shapers, bringing together change-makers from around the world to co-design tangible strategies and innovations accelerating action on climate and SDGs, facilitating the transition of the broader society toward the sustainable development framework. This initiative promotes an open path to discuss the challenges and best practices related to the climate crisis and the objectives of the Paris Agreement, through the regeneration of the Mediterranean and food systems.

Welcome to Pollica

Pollica, Italy, embodies the essence of the Mediterranean Diet as a cultural and lifestyle symbol. Its 2,300 residents embrace a way of life centered around food sharing and consumption in harmony with the environment. The town’s Humana Communitas demonstrates this through food-related customs and behaviors.

The Centro Studi Internazionale Dieta Mediterranea “Angelo Vassallo” is housed in the historic Castle Dei Principi di Capano, advocating for gastronomic pleasure, biodiversity protection, cultural exchange, love for the sea, and a deep connection to the land.

The Mediterranean Diet exemplifies a sustainable approach to living, respecting the landscape, community, and economy. It encourages creativity, resilience, and adaptability while promoting healthy diets, lifestyles, and well-being.

The Mediterranean Diet’s systemic approach, forward-thinking mindset, and core values such as territoriality, resilience, inclusivity, conviviality, and community make it an ideal model to be shared internationally. The Future Food Institute in Pollica aims to teach and spread these values, passing them on to individuals both within the country and abroad.

Pollica, the birthplace of the Mediterranean Diet, also plays a strategic role in national initiatives to revitalize rural areas, combat depopulation, and foster opportunities for young innovators. Moreover, in alignment with European strategies like the Green New Deal and Farm to Fork, the Paideia Campus operates at a local level while maintaining a connection to Europe. Pollica Campus is involved in the European project Cities 2030 as one of the Living Labs and participates in the Food Coalition with UNIDO ITPO. It serves as a unique example with the potential to be replicated and adapted to various territories.



Protecting the Planet

Co-design tangible strategies and innovations accelerating action on climate and SDGs

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Empowering People

Train and inspire to action a new bread of innovators


Enabling Prosperity

Leave an impactful legacy to the hosting communities

Curriculum & Learning Platform

An experiential learning platform allowing the participants to engage in an international workshop environment comprising live experiences, challenges and prototyping; teamwork based innovation challenges; entrepreneurial mentoring and inspirational talks presented by visionary entrepreneurs, policy makers, innovators and opinion leaders. The platform is thus identified by three distinct training “experiences”: inspiration, aspiration and perspiration.

  • Inspiration – To combine learning and innovation to get a view of the future, through the eyes of big visionaries and experts.
  • Aspiration – To unlock your potential by making real your ideas at the side of the doers.
  • Action – To convert your ideas into action and make a transformation in the communities in which you are part of cross-curricular “Food Shoot.”

This experiential learning platform has the vision of enabling purpose driven talented individuals to optimize their specific food interventions in order to positively impact firstly the 5 Food Shoots identified by the Google Food Team and ultimately the food-related SDGs.


Individuals to make personal, informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles




Food systems transparency


Loss and waste in food systems


The transition to a circular food economy

2023 Pollica boot camps

Gastro Diplomacy boot camp

DATES: 18 July  – 21 July 2023
TRACKS: Gastro Diplomacy
PARTICIPANTS:  Food professionals, Researchers, and Students. Food supply chain leaders and decision makers. 
PARTNER: Il, Centro Studi Dieta Mediterranea Angelo Vassallo and Museo Vivente della Dieta Mediterranea

Food & Climate shapers - Mediterranean Edition

DATES: 23 July – 29 July , 2023
TRACKS: Regenerative Farms, Kitchens, Oceans, and Cities
PARTICIPANTS: Open to anyone

Cross-Curricular Food Shot

This experiential learning platform enables talented, purpose-driven individuals to optimize their specific food interventions to first, positively impact the five Food Shot areas, identified by the Google Food Team, and ultimately the food-related SDGs.

  • ENABLE individuals to make personal, informed food choices for sustainable lifestyles
  • SHIFT diets
  • ENHANCE food (systems) transparency
  • REDUCE loss and waste in food systems
  • ACCELERATE the transition to a circular food economy


Future Food Institute is looking for chefs, cooks, students of gastronomic science, f&b managers, foodtellers with a strong passion for advancing the global movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most regenerative, impactful and innovative way possible; individuals with a project, an idea, or a personal challenge to share and bring to life, to transform inspiration into action.
Boot Camps involve a multidisciplinary curated group of “thinkers” and “doers”, young experts coming from all over the globe, inspired and motivated to take action in the real world to combat climate change and its impacts. The diverse pool of competences in the team (like engineering, food technology, chemistry, economics, design, entrepreneurship, gastronomic sciences, food studies, political science, health, philosophy, international cooperation, food sciences, architecture, management and marketing etc..) is going to be one of the key ingredients.

Learn more about Boot Camp ‘Climate Shapers.’ 


All sessions are conducted in English. Participants must have adequate English proficiency to follow sessions and contribute to discussions and projects. 

Boot Camp “Climate Shapers” are selected through an application process consisting of: 

  • Online application form
  • Brief personal statement of 250 words (within application form)
  • Current CV


In addition to an enriching experience, knowledge, and skills, participants who successfully complete the boot camp, and all related activities, will earn a Climate Shaper certificate, from Future Food Institute and the Boot Camp Partners. This certificate can be displayed on your social media profiles and included in your CV. 

Beyond the certificate of completion, Climate Shapers will also have access to the Future Food Alumni network, including invitation to exclusive events and further opportunities for involvement in food transformation initiatives. 


The regular Boot Camp participation fee is 1,850.00 euro. 

For Chef Manifesto’s attendees, the special Boot Camp participation fee is 975.00 euro.
This includes instruction, prototyping materials, workshops, and local transportation. Food and accommodations are additional costs that will be discussed at the time of application.

If you are a student, an alumnus/a of FIP, FFI/FAO boot camp, FF/YTA, or applying as part of an NGO, a startup, or a non-profit organization, you are entitled to the reduced fee of 975.00 euro.

FFI can offer scholarships and accommodation for 5 chefs from your network.

Insurance is not covered by Future Food Institute

Frequently ASked Questions

The boot camp is a full time – intensive program. In 2023, there will be one editions of the Pollica Boot Camp:

Mediterranean Edition: July 23 – July 29

In addition to the program sessions, there will be three community events/dinners and a Hackathon involving the local stakeholders. Lessons end at 2:00pm on the last day of the program.

We suggest that you use a credit card or PayPal. If you are unable to pay with a credit card you can pay via bank transfer. However, if we don’t receive your payment within 7 days, your workshop bookings will be canceled to give your space to another participant.

Yes, we offer a reduced fee for people belonging to an NGO, a startup or a non-profit organization. If you are eligible for this fee, please check the box in the application form. Please note that we may ask you for proof of your eligibility.

All Boot Camp sessions are conducted in English. Participants must have minimum English proficiency to follow along and participate in discussions. 

The closest international airport is in Naples.

If arriving by car, you can set the navigation to Pollica and park in one of the public parking areas on the edges of the town.

If coming by train, we strongly advise you to take the train to Vallo della Lucania-Castelnuovo. Future Food Institute will arrange transportation from the station to the castle, and then bring you back to the station once the program is over.

If coming by plane, there is a shuttle bus from the airport that will take you to the Central Train Station in Naples. You can buy the shuttle ticket along with the train ticket from the Italian railway website, by inserting “Napoli Capodichino Aeroporto” as the departure station and “Vallo della Lucania-Castelnuovo” as the arrival station.

Upon admission to the program, you will be contacted for information on your travel plans so that Future Food can assist you with your transportation arrangements.

Sessions are primarily held at the historic Princes Capano Castle, Via Matteo Mazziotti, 84068 Pollica SA, with visits to relevant locations in the area. 

Pollica is a small, walkable village that is easy to explore on foot.

Transportation to any visits or activities outside of the Castello will be provided and coordinated by Future Food. 

Housing prices are approximately 40€ per night in a double room, 60€ per night in a single room.

Upon admission to the program, Future Food will send you a questionnaire to inquire about your accommodation preferences.

Food and food experiences are provided at an additional cost.

Upon admission to the program, you will be informed of meal pricing and you will be sent a questionnaire to enquire about your dietary preferences and/or allergies/intolerances.

There is a small grocery store, pharmacy, caffe, and bar in the town should you need anything else during your stay. 

Still have questions?

Fill in the form here for additional information and updates on the next cohort and a member of our team will be in touch.